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Tech Career Counselling

Offering career services for software/web developers, UI/UX, and digital marketing professionals.


Hello, World! My name is Blaine. I'm a career counsellor, coding enthusiast, and tech lover from Vancouver, BC. I help tech professionals like you become more competitive so they can land the job they want.

Finding your perfect tech job isn't just about coding or designing. It's about presenting your unique skills, passion, and perspective to employers in a way they can't ignore. That's where I come in.

For the past 4 years, I've successfully steered all my clients into their dream tech jobs. As an experienced career counsellor, I'm ready to do the same for you.

My bespoke career counselling services are designed to empower tech professionals seeking work in Canada and the USA. Together, we'll create clarity in your career, craft competitive resumes and cover letters, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and arm you with the interview techniques to make you stand out and much more.

Unlock your full potential and ignite your tech career risk free today.